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We are a Protestant Christian Church that meets in the Mihama Ward of Chiba City, Japan.

At Masago you can learn more about God, Christianity, the Bible, Christian music, the meaning of life. The church is a place where people from many different backgrounds, with many different interests come together. 


It requires a bit of courage to come for the first time, but the church is a welcome place for everyone. There is no compulsion to do anything you don’t want to do. It is a place where you can freely discuss deep things like faith and life, life and death, whatever you would like.


Children and adults, students and salarymen, men and women, we welcome everyone no matter their background.


We at Massage Baptist Church are looking forward to meeting you!

While the service is performed in Japanese, help in English is available to those visiting. 

Welcome to the Masago Baptist Church Homepage!

Masago Baptist Church

Pastor Kurashima Arata

Asst. Pastor Arakawa Noriko

〒261-0011 Chiba-Shi, Mihama-Ku, Masago 2-21-2


Worship with us on Sundays at 10 AM!

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